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12 Fabulous & Meaningful Realtor Closing Gifts


Featured meaningful realtor closing gifts >> Home Sweet Home Blessing Kit

Wow! We have finally found a great list of fabulous and meaningful real estate client closing gifts! The folks over at  Things Remembered  did a wonderful job of putting together an article explaining the tradition of housewarming gifting and a list of their 12 favorite housewarming gifts along with each gift's special meaning. Then our friends at Party Idea Pros actually did the research to find products worthy of  gifting and yes, they did pull many of their suggestions from our very popular guides to Best Real Estate Client Gifts Under $100 and Best Real  Estate Client Gifts Over $100.

We absolutely love the idea of thanking your clients with gifts that are not only memorable but also meaningful!

The Tradition of Housewarming Gifts

Welcoming new homeowners with a gift is a time-honored tradition found in cultures across the world. While gifts of bread, wine and other food items are perfect traditional housewarming gifts, household accessories like candles, plants and throws also make great gift ideas that bring character and carry significant meaning. Give these gifts individually or create a larger impact by arranging a combination of them in a basket.

Looking for inspiration?

Here are our 12 favorite realtor closing gift ideas along with each gift’s special meaning.

  1. Bread – May their home never know hunger. 
  2. Wine – May they always enjoy life and never go thirsty.
  3. Honey, Jams & Syrups – May their home be filled with the sweetness of life.
  4. Olive Oil  May they always have health and well-being.
  5. Salts & Spices May their home be full of flavor.
  6. Wood  May they have stability, harmony and peace.
  7. Candle – May their home always be filled with light.
  8. Blanket – May they keep warm season after season.
  9. Pillow – May their home always be a place of comfort.
  10. Coin – May they dwell in good fortune.
  11. House Plants – May their home promote growth.
  12. Brooms & Doormats – May they live in a clean and tidy house.

Gift one of these meaningful gifts or bundle a few together to create an extra special thank you gift!

12 Meaningful Realtor Closing Gifts

Bread  + Wood Realtor Closing Gifts

(so a new home will never know hunger +  have stability, harmony & peace)

Fabulous & Meaningful Realtor Closing Gifts - Bread and Wood

Personalized Nambe Flatware Bread Knife | Bamboo Cutting Board | Bread

Olive Oil Closing Gifts

(so those living in the new home will always have health & well being)

Fabulous & Meaningful Realtor Closing Gifts - Olive Oils

 Olive Oil | Baker & Olive (email if you have any questions or want fabulous personal service and tell her we sent you!) | Williams-Sonoma Olive Oils

NEW! And so perfect for holiday gifting!

Fish Taco Kit

Our good friend Gayle just emailed us Baker & Olives latest Zing Box and it is beyond fabulous. You absolutely must consider gifting this Fish Taco Kit. Inspired by San Diego's fish taco enthusiasts, each kit includes Persian Lime Olive Oil, Mango White Balsamic, Arbequina EVOO, Custom Taco Seasoning, Fish Taco Recipe, Flip Flop Key Chain. Unfortunately this fish taco kit is not yet up on their website but if you email, we promise she will take good care of you. Best yet, this festive and unique gift costs just $37.99 Shipped!

Honey, Jams & Syrups Closing Gifts

(so the home may be filled with the sweetness of life)

Fabulous & Meaningful Realtor Closing Gifts - Honey Jams and Syrups

Honey, Jams & Syrups | GiftTree Honeys & Jams | Williams-Sonoma Jams

Gourmet Salt Closing Gifts

(so the home will be full of flavor)

Fabulous & Meaningful Realtor Closing Gifts- Gourmet Salts

Gourmet salts are very on trend! >>Gourmet Salts  | GiftTree Salts | Williams-Sonoma Salts

Wine Closing Gifts

(so those living in the home will always enjoy life and never go thirsty)

We are obsessed these home sweet home personalized etched wine bottles. Choose between Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay, Champagne or upgrade to the reserved vintages of the same.  Also, we think it is so worth purchasing either a black or wood gift box to create the perfect impression for the perfect housewarming gift.

Home Sweet Home Etched Wine Bottles

Home Sweet Home Etched Wine Bottles

If you really want to splurge you must check out this Opus One + Riedel Wine Glass Gift Set.

Opus One 2011 Private Cellar Gift Set

Opus One 2011 Private Cellar Gift Set

Candles, Blankets & Pillows Closing Gifts

(so  the home will always be filled with light, kept warm, and always be a place of comfort.)

Fabulous & Meaningful Realtor Closing Gifts - Candles

Tin Candles & Glass Domes | Tapers & Candlesticks | Copper Candles

Home Sweet Home Throw Blankets, Fabulous & Meaningful Realtor Closing Gifts

Home Sweet Home Throw Blankets


Pillows Real Estate Client Closing Thank you Gifts with Special Meaning

Home Throw Pillows

WAIT! Look what we found! Decorative State & Destination Pillows!!!! You can even stock up because these pillows give the feeling of being personalized even though they are not customized!

Decorative State and Destintaion Pillows

Decorative State Pillows | Decorative Destination Pillows 

New & Fabulous!

We just found these  family word art throw pillows and blankets and are obsessed! We tried personalizing one and it took less than 5 minutes. So so cute and memorable.

Personalized Family Word Art Throw Blankets & Pillows

Personalized Family Word Art Throw Blankets & Pillows

House Plant Closing Gifts

(so living in the home will promote growth.)

Regal Orchid Real Estate Client Closing Gift

Regal Orchid

Peace Prosperity Money Tree Realtor Housewarming Thank You Gift

Braided Money Tree

Plants, Fabulous & Meaningful Realtor Closing Gifts

More Houseplants

Brooms & Doormats Closing Gifts

(so they live in a clean and tidy house)

Skip the grocery store broom and instead opt for a vintage or handmade broom

Vintage and Handmade Brooms, Fabulous & Meaningful Realtor Closing Gifts

Vintage and Handmade Brooms

Personalized Welcome Doormats, Fabulous & Meaningful Realtor Closing Gifts

Keep dirt outside with a darling doormat! Personalization Mall | Zazzle | Amazon

Realtor Open House Plates & Napkins

Home themed party plates & napkins are very hard to find and might be fun to use at your open houses!

Realtor Open House Plate and Napkins

 Plates and Napkins >> Home Sweet Home | Vintage House Key | Real Estate

Leave a comment and share your ideas for other meaningful realtor closing gifts!

A little gift of thanks goes a long way!

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